What Makes a Man a Dad?

There has been a great hubbub around men who actually do what they are supposed to do; be a positive figure in their child’s life. I have known two magnificent fathers; my own and my husband.

How are they special? Nothing earth shattering; they are just dads. Dads who create magic moments by doing a few special things, like:

1. Horseback rides, and other humiliations

My husband has been a horse, carrying anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds of love on his back; a kitty, mewing for his owner (my daughter); a pet bear waiting to be adopted from the pet store; a princess; dog; you get the idea.

The Hubs is not alone. They even have products for the human horses of the world, The Daddle. The reviews alone are worth a click.

2. Visits to a duck pond

On the weekend, my dad and I would get pizza at a place called Solley’s (there were woodchips on the floor! Amazing!) and then we’d get a loaf of day-old bread and head to the pond. We’d feed ducks for what felt like hours on end, and just enjoy the day. One time, I threw the empty bread bag into the pond, and my father heroically fished it out so I wouldn’t be arrested by the nearby police for littering. It’s a good thing too, because I look awful in orange.

3. Silly voices and stories

At night, instead of a regular old story, my father would create for me a fantasy world where I was the lead character, a princess who went on extraordinary adventures with my favorite stuffed animal, Mickey Mouse. This is single-handedly the best memory from my childhood, and, on the surface it was nothing more than a story, but to me it was magic.

4. Creating something special

My husband is handy, and luckily he uses his powers for good and not evil. He has created a two-story shed in our backyard; the bottom level is for his workshop, and the top is a treehouse where the kids can play. He also created a bridge to connect the shed to our playset. It’s like he erected the Magic Treehouse on our property. To the best of my knowledge the kids have not gone anywhere, but I wouldn’t put it past them to keep a trip to the Old West from me.

The Handy Hubby also whipped up a bunk bed complete with a desk and shelving units for The Boy. I would have killed for a bunk bed as a kid! Maybe I can talk him into making one for me. No room for him; just me.

5. Adorkable hobbies

I love when my husband is passionate about something. He loves fishing, camping, and generally being a real sweaty outdoorsman. Now, he wants to share that with The Boy. And the Girl if she’ll let him, but I have the feeling that putting a worm on a hook will disturb her delicate sensibilities.

We have an RV trip planned with a few other musings on rustic camping trips. I absolutely hate camping. Glamping, yes. Camping no. So, why would I do this? Because I love the glee I see in my husband’s eyes when he starts talking about fishing with the kids, or hiking around Mammoth Caves. Honestly, it makes me fall in love with him all over again.

6. Lunches kid love

No veggies? No problem. There are always goldfish or Oreos to toss in. PB&J every day is A-OK! This also extends to buying breakfast cereals such as Fruit Loops, Cookie Crisp and pretty much anything else made with sugar as its first ingredient, like Pop Tarts. No wonder the kids love him.

7. Softiness

I know softiness is not a word, but honestly, the fathers I know turn into soft, mushy, lumps when it comes to their kids. All my daughter needs to do is give my husband her “sweet eyes,” also known as the “Puss in Boots” eyes, and The Hubs acquiesces.

With her Sweet Eyes, my daughter has come home with a countless number of books, stuffed animals and a backpack with a pig on it, now named Penelope.

Puss in Boots

How can you resist the eyes?

You’re a soft one, Daddy.

8. Acting like a kid

This one is my favorite. You know the giant treehouse The Hubs erected? He and his friend were seriously plotting how to attach a slide that would go from the treehouse to the ground below, as well as how to attach water cannons to defend the mighty structure.

He also wants to create elaborate princess castles for the girl, a waterfall for the backyard, and a play space for the puppies. I don’t think he ever grew up, and I love it. He keeps everything light, fresh and fun.

So, get out your water cannons and celebrate your favorite dad! They are already waiting for you with a water balloon launcher made out of one of your bras.


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15 responses to “What Makes a Man a Dad?

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    “Softiness.” So perfect (and perfectly true) I can’t help but smile, especially with that picture attached.


  2. So sweet. I love the story of your Dad wading in for the bread bag. The Bill Cosby video is one of my favorites! Hope your hubs has a wonderful day!


  3. I love great dad stories! They assure me that the world is full of good 🙂
    It sounds like your Hubs is keeper!!! How wonderful for you and your kids 🙂


  4. This is a great post! It inspired me to tell hubs what a great dad he is. I don’t tell him that enough.


  5. My husband has such a repertoire of silly voices; I know that is something our kids will look back on when they are adults. As you say, it doesn’t take something earth shattering to be an awesome dad. Hope your husband had a great Father’s Day!


    • I love that your husband does silly voices! The best dads never take themselves too seriously.

      And Father’s Day was great. There was swimming, burgers, and handmade cards. I hope your husband’s was just as good


  6. I love this list more than beer and bacon. And that’s a LOT.
    Especially the STORIES. I can never think of anything, so my kids have to settle for books, but we do voices so I’m counting it.
    And I pink puffy heart softiness, that is my husband personified!


  7. Awwwww, I *love* the great dad stories. I need to tell my own husband what a great dad he is–way more than I do. But maybe I’ll hold out for a Magic Treehouse in our backyard first…


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