Earworms and Happy Hour

In case you missed my squees of delight this weekend, I was published by BluntMoms as a Wannabee Blunt blogger. I’m sure it’s my first step to super stardom.

My post was all about how I went to happy hour and was… found to be hot! Yes, it’s totally true. Anyway, check it out and since the post made me think of Rod Stewart, I am sharing this earworm with you.


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2 responses to “Earworms and Happy Hour

  1. Sarah (est. 1975)

    AIEEEEEEEEE do you know I’m a regular contributor on BLUNTMoms? Now we *must* get together!

    (Also I loved your article) 😉

    (Also I *just* noticed that I am on your Blogroll! THANKS! Send me a 450px horizontal graphic – or something I can modify to be 450px – and I’ll stick you on my site’s Friends Page!)


    • Maybe we’re each other’s spirit animals? Or, maybe not. Mine might be a lazy dog. Either way, yes! We must meet up.

      And I shall dig up an appropriate graphic and send it your way. Thanks, love you, mean it.


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