Teachers Are More Competent Than Me

Hello, friends! I am making a stop over at BLUNTmoms today, writing about the unbelievable joys of keeping my kids mentally stimulated over the summer. I would make an amazing teacher, you know?

That’s a lie. I would make a terrible teacher. I have no patience and my own children drive me insane. Can you imagine how I would fare with 20+ wee people? It would get ugly. Fast.

So, take a hippity hop over and visit me, and all the other awesome writers, at BLUNTmoms.

As a preview, I offer you one way I fail as a teacher:

1. Even when I am right, I am wrong. I tried to help my son with a math packet he has to complete before school starts. He was having a problem, and I, being ever so helpful, tried to explain it to him. His response? “You don’t know how it’s done! And now, it will be wrong! And I’ll never get the right answer!” Yes, I meant to ruin your academic career, tiny human.

You know you want to read the rest, so start clicking!



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3 responses to “Teachers Are More Competent Than Me

  1. Great post – I really enjoyed it. Phonics? …. based on your description, I’m afraid to ask. Why does learning to read need to be re-invented anyway? It seemed to work for us.
    I can’t believe how old that last sentence just made me feel.


    • I think phonics is diagramming a word based on how it’s sounded out, but I agree with you; what’s wrong with how spelling and reading were taught? I can read and write rather well, if I do say so myself.


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