A Pony On Tour

Hello friends! I am going on a tour, and I don’t even need to leave my couch. This will be the best vacation ever.

I was invited on this tour by Liz and her charming daughter, Zoe. Zoe is a lot like my daughter; smart, mischievous, and sure to be trouble when she’s a teenager.

Her adventures, or mis-adventures as it were, are chronicled on Zoe vs. the Universe. Some favorites include Zoe taking on Doc McStuffins (or, doctoring to be precise) and Potty Training. I’ll wait while you read and enjoy.

Back? Good. Now, I get to answer four questions and then pass the baton onto some other bloggers that you will enjoy just as much as you love me and Zoe.

1. What am I working on? As lame as it might sound, I am working on my blog. I just started writing in January, and I am still getting the hang of social media and building my audience (hi, mom!). For reasons not known to me, I have been adopted by the BLUNTmoms and featured on Mamapedia. It’s humbling and awesome and I hope they don’t figure out I am a fraud.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? It’s funnier, more insightful, and… that’s all rubbish. What I offer are dynamic, witty stories with a lot of dogs, kids, and insanity. How am I different? Um… I talk about poop and wine more than other writers?

3. Why do I write/create what I do? When I was a child, I was never without a book; just like Amy Carter. Books transported me to Walnut Grove, via the Phantom Tollbooth, on a horse named Misty. All of those stories stirred my imagination and I wanted to create my own. I’ve dabbled in poetry, short stories, and, obviously, blogging. Right now, blogging seems to work for me, so I’m going to ride this out for as long as I can.

4. How does your writing/creating process work? My inspiration is all around me. I take notes and brainstorm until I find something that “moves me.” I dash off an initial draft, then tweak, revise, proofread, force my husband to read my writing, then revise some more and publish. Sometimes, what I publish actually resembles what I started out with.

And since everyone is completely bored of me now, I’ll send the blog tour to:

Pam, author of the blog Divorce Doula. She is a Vancouver-based divorced mother of two awesome boys embarking on a respectful, amicable and often humorous co-parenting adventure with their father.*

Cordelia, the Multilingual Mama, is a writer, researcher, multilingual homeschooling mother, former sailing instructor, with a past in environmental science and social innovation.*

Shawna is a mom of 2.5 babies, blogging over at the Dovetail Blog. She describes herself as a huge nerd who takes way too many pictures of her kids.*

And the final stop is with Kim, at Two Bugs and a Blog. She is on a mission to share the good, bad and ugly side of parenting.*

*Bios shamelessly stolen from their websites.

Visit, read, and share. Tour your little hearts out!


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10 responses to “A Pony On Tour

  1. I love your blog, I love your stories and I think you really are funny and insightful. 🙂


  2. Fantastic! And well done for passing the baton on xx


  3. Liz

    Nice answers! I’ll be sure to check out the others. Thanks for playing along!


  4. I love getting the introductions to new blogs ALMOST as much as I like getting a little insight about the bloggers I enjoy reading. Kudos to you!


  5. Ah, I have been tagged in this and need to write mine as well! Soon. It’s rather fun to get a little insight… and only since January? You are a wee blogger babe 😉


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