When the Timing Just Doesn’t Work

That sound of squeeing in the breeze is from me, because I am on Mamalode today talking about Natural Family Planning, and how my husband and I couldn’t make it work for the life of us. Luckily, it all turned out well and I have two beautiful children to show for it.

Here’s a little except from the article.

Before I was married, my now husband and I decided to be the very best Catholics we could be and use Natural Family Planning as our method of contraception.

Unfortunately, Natural Family Planning is a crock. Six weeks after my wedding, my body said I was not ready to have a baby so I engaged in newlywed enjoyment. Later that day, I ovulated. I felt that pinch, and I knew an egg had escaped from my ovary. It ran full speed toward the inevitable, creating an explosion of cells in my uterus.

Read the rest over on Mamalode, and then share it will everyone you know. Or, not. Either way, I’ll still be squeeing.


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2 responses to “When the Timing Just Doesn’t Work

  1. So I guess that means I’m not the only one who failed at Natural Family Planning.
    … for weeks we faithfully monitored my temperature waiting for the tell-tale spike to say I had ovulated – it never happened.
    Turns out I was already pregnant 🙂


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