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Friendship is the Perfect Blendship

Over the weekend, I was very proud to be part of the wedding of my best friend. So, when I saw the Tuesday Ten prompt to share 10 things you love about your best friend, I could think of no one more appropriate.

I met her 12 years ago when we were young pups working at the local NBC 4 station; she as an upstart producer, and me as a clueless web writer. We bonded over the things that bring young women together; politics and social issues.

Actually, it was purses. Kate Spade to be precise.


And psychiatrists don’t usually have wine.

We have been friends ever since, through breakups, my marriage, the subsequent babies, new jobs, new boys, and, as always, shopping adventures. Through it all she has been like a sister to me, and I hope she would say the same about me.

I can call her at any hour. Once, I thought my husband was dead because he was out late. And, by late I mean he said he was going out or Happy Hour, and ended up staying out until the bars closed without ever answering his phone. Before calling every hospital and prison in the area, I called my friend. At midnight. She was reassuring, supportive, and even offered to kick his ass when he came rolling in around 3.

We can be honest when we’re shopping. Hideous outfit? Accessories too off-trend? We will tell each other, and even go as far as to rip heinous articles of clothing off each other’s bodies. No friend of mine will wear coral and mint chevron palazzo pants.

Being there for each other. When she broke up with her boyfriend, I sent chocolate, love, and a sympathetic ear. I then willingly took him back into the friendship circle when he realized he was idiot and begged my friend for forgiveness. And she forgives me when I arrive 10 minutes late. For everything. All the time.

Wine, delicious wine. We both enjoy a glass of Chardonnay, and have introduced each other to yummy brands whenever we discover them. And we’re never too shy to offer to bring some wine over when we hang out.

She likes my kids. I mean, I kind of hope she would since she is their godmother, but she doesn’t have to. Anyone who thinks my kids are awesome, is OK in my book.

We are ridiculously hot. Before your mind goes too far into the gutter, she is beautiful, smart and stylish, just like me. Together we are an unbeatable combo, and push each other to heights of fashion excellence. Seriously, if she’s rocking some quatrefoil, I may end up purchasing some for myself. And I have a feeling her fabulousness in a scarf is due to my positive influence.

Organization, discipline, and a plan. In another life she would have made a highly effective General. As one who is often in a tornado of disorder and chaos, she is like an oasis with her executive decisions, schedules, and anal-retentive structure. I used to be this way, and maybe she will inspire me to be that way again. Or, maybe not. That sounds too tiring.

Epic road trips. Cherry blossoms, wine, and a little March Madness in the nation’s capital. Plus, she makes an excellent cuddle buddy when we have to share a bed.

We rock out. Hard. A few years ago we channeled our late 80s and early 90s selves and headed to the NKOTBSB concert. Amidst a sea of like-minded women, we sang along with every pop ballad from our childhood, drank a goodly amount of beer, laughed way too hard, and sighed over the former Hottie McHotpantses that don’t look exactly like the golden gods they were in our youth.

A wicked sense of humor. My bestie seems so very straightlaced and rigid on the surface, but underneath, she is a hilarious woman who loves mob movies and Mitch Hedberg. It’s one of the reasons I love her; she is a constant source of surprise.

See? She is supercalifragilisticexpiaolodociously wonderful. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be friends forever, but I know that I’ll be poorer spiritually if we aren’t.

In closing, I will leave you with a quote that I know would get a giggle out of my friend. “Is it a hippopotamus or a really cool opotamus?” It’s a little something to ponder with your own compatriot.


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I Carry Way Too Much Crap in My Bag

Over the weekend, I discovered the Tuesday Ten, a blog link up hosted by The Liebers and The Golden Spoons. This week’s topic encouraged people to expose the very marrow of their being to the world. I mean, you were supposed to dump out your purse and make a list of 10 things inside.


This is my purse and its contents. It carries most everything that’s important to me. Like…

  1. My wallet – It is a bulging mess. It’s full of change (never cash), receipts, gift cards that I never get to use because I can’t go anywhere nice because I have children, rewards card for places like Orange Leaf because that’s the nicest place I can go because I have kids.
  2. Sunglasses – I have a slight obsession with eBay. I blame my husband for this. He discovered that you can order things directly from China at a fraction of the price. He has used it for good, and purchased LED lights for our home. I have used it to buy cheap things like sunglasses (just 2$!) and jewelry (seriously – earrings for .50$). I am probably on a House Un-American list somewhere.
  3. Ghost eraser – This is a random nugget from my kids. I tend to pick things up and put them in my purse using it as a vehicle to carry things upstairs. I must have thought the eraser belonged upstairs, so I put it in my purse to carry it there and then I forgot all about it. I will most likely put it back in there after I write this and forget it’s there. I’m a lot like Dory from Finding Nemo.
  4. The girl’s sock – My daughter hates to wear socks. Once we get into the car, she rips off her shoes and her socks. I usually don’t care, unless it’s winter and I have an irrational fear that frostbite will take her little piggies. I pick up her pig covers and hope that I can wrestle them on her when she’s not looking. I almost always fail.
  5. Hand lotion – My hands are desert dry in the winter, and I carry hand lotion. I also have dogs that like to get into my purse and wreak havoc on what they can find. I try to put my purse where they can’t get to it, but they can either fly or are able to push chairs around to get to it. That’s why the end of the hand lotion is gnawed off. They usually go for the gum, but somehow, I guess I got lucky.
  6. Makeup bag – I never have time to do anything in the morning and, consequently, I end up taking care of me while I drive into work. I always have an empty bowl under my seat from breakfast and I end up putting on my face while driving. I know. I know. But, if I don’t, I’ll end up looking like I have been dragged through a bush backwards. And no one needs to be subjected to that.
  7. Ear phones I discovered Hoopla, an app that lets me access the digital assets of my local library. I listen to A LOT of books while I work. Check out the Divergent series. Books one and two are great; three is a bit of a letdown.
  8. A to-do list in the form of random papers – I have way too much on my plate, like most moms. I remind myself of all the things I need to follow up on by leaving papers in my purse. The visual cues keep me on track. This week’s papers say that I need to sell mulch for my son’s Cub Scout pack and I need to RSVP for yet another birthday party. Anyone looking to mulch this Spring?
  9. Hair tie – When my son was born, I thought I’d outsmart his hair grabbing skills by cutting off mine. It didn’t work and he ended up ripping it out by the fistfuls. Finally, I decided to grow it out and it ends up in my eyes. A lot. The hair tie helps me keep my sanity in the meantime.
  10. Hand sanitizer – I have kids. I also hate germs. I think it’s from all the pinkeye my son contracted when he was a toddler. I carry Sweet Pea scented sanitizer and lube up my children regularly.

Now you’ve had a glimpse into my soul. Hang out, roll around a bit, but don’t get too comfy. It will all change once I decide that I need a new purse.


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