I Wanted to Blog, but Then I Discovered Doctor Who

The urge to write has been strong, but whenever I sit down to start, I find myself distracted, as I often do when I have a new obsession. What’s grabbed my imagination this time is the phenomenon known as Doctor Who.

When I was little, my dad would watch Doctor Who, and I never took any interest. All I remember is the guy with the curly hair and stripey scarf.

Tom Baker

Yeah. Him.

Fast forward to last Christmas when my parents were visiting and there was a marathon featuring the 11th doctor. I only caught a few episodes, but I was intrigued. Caught up in my own life, I had to leave The Doctor to his own devices until I could devote some time to seeing what he was all about.

I watched the first few episodes, and ERMAHGERD. I don’t think love could really describe how I feel. I started watching only at night, and then when I was working out, and pretty soon it was whenever I could squeeze in a few moments with The Doctor.

Between the feels of Rose and The Doctor, and the general sexiness of David Tennant, it was probably inevitable that I would become obsessed.

Obsession is nothing new to me. Whenever I find something that piques my interest, I am all over it and burn through it like a dwarf star.

Sherlock? I watched every episode, read all about Benedict Cumberbatch, pinned a whole bunch of Sherlock memes to my geek board and got my husband to re-watch all of the episodes with me.

Divergent? Once Upon a Time? Star Trek? Same thing. Now, I am burning through Doctor Who. And oh, how I burn.

David Tennant

David Tennant. I’ll join you in the Tardis.

Yes, please.

So, I would write more, but I am half way through the episodes with the 11th doctor, and I need to get ready for when the 12th doctor arrives. He’s no David Tennant, but really, who is?


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24 responses to “I Wanted to Blog, but Then I Discovered Doctor Who

  1. OOOH ❤ Tom Baker and his legendary scarf – I always wanted to knit myself one. I watched Doctor who for years, until my parents threw the TV away when I was seven (the two are not connected, I hasten to add). I used to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks arrive and still grate "Exterminate! Exterminate!" at French drivers who cut me up.


  2. I love 11 the most, but I want to watch more Classic series stuff.


  3. Please don’t do this to me. Please! I have resisted the siren song of Doctor Who for years while all around me my friends and even my youngest son have fallen under his spell. My social circle regularly tosses out references to the Tardis and Daleks. But I have resisted.
    I too am like you – “Whenever I find something that piques my interest, I am all over it and burn through it like a dwarf star”. Love that line – describes me to a tee. I.MUST.RESIST.


  4. OMG!!

    We could talk for hours.

    I just started watching last fall and I’m rewatching now. I got anxious when the companions and doctors changed, but watching it a second time helped that.

    I love David Tennant, I do…he’s my favorite, but I really like Matt Smith as well..and the Amy and Rory story is hands down my favorite. I love it so much.


  5. Two words for you: Orphan Black.


  6. Shivver

    I completely understand! My husband of nearly 18 years now was a fan of the classic show when he was growing up, but he didn’t want to watch the new show when it started in 2005 because he was afraid of his favorite show being ruined in his memories. But he told me a lot about the old show.

    Then, last August, he finally popped “Rose” into the DVD. I wasn’t watching, but by 5 minutes in, I was glued to the TV, and I haven’t thought about anything else since. All I’ve done for the past 10 months are watch episodes (modern and classic), write my DW blog, write fanfics (something I’ve never done before), make cosplay costumes, buy toys, read Tardis Data Core…

    I can’t get enough of the Doctor, in any of his incarnations (though Ten and Five are my favorites). He’s exactly the hero for me – relies on intelligence, incredibly compassionate and courageous – and the show tells the stories that appeal to me.

    Glad to welcome you into the fold. I’ll talk for hours on DW with you, if you like. 🙂


    • I always love a good chat about the Doctor! I’ll have to venture into the Tardis Data Core and then visit the old series. I really hope it’s on Netflix!


      • Shivver

        Netflix’s streaming of the classics is very limited, though the episodes you can stream are some of the absolute best ones (for example, The Ark in Space, The Pyramids of Mars, The Caves of Androzani, The City of Death, The Mind Robbers). It’s all under the umbrella title “Classic Doctor Who”.

        If you have the DVD service, you can get almost every episode, and they’re listed individually.


  7. AHHHH. The doctor is like a black hole. You can’t get out. Of course that would imply you wanted to. Don’t worry about twelve. You are going to love him too. I didn’t want to. 11 was my guy but from the moment he falls out of the exploding TARDIS I realized there was room in my geek heart for 2 Doctors.

    Hopefully more as August approaches.


  8. Darn numbering system. I mean the old ten who is now eleven and the old eleven who is now twelve. Crazy William Hurt and his War Doctor messing up the counting.


  9. Sarah (est. 1975)

    Agree with Ronnie much much. Throwing in the John Hurt War Doctor screwed everything up number-wise. Aggravating! (I’m still gonna keep watching though.)


    • A little War Doctor won’t deter me; especially since my who-knowledge starts with doctor 9. Or is that 10?


      • Shivver

        Oh, it’s not worth messing up the numbering system. Moffat’s said that officially, they’re continuing to call Tennant 10 and Smith 11 and Capaldi 12, so that’s the best to stay with. Hurt is the War Doctor and doesn’t have an official number. (Besides, if you really want to be pedantic about it, Tennant should be 11 and 12, since he’s also the Metacrisis Doctor, so Smith is 13. And then Capaldi is the second Doctor of the second regeneration cycle… OH MY HEAD.) 🙂


      • Oh my goodness. You are a lot smarter about this than I will ever be!


      • Shivver

        Oh, no. This is just a result of having a husband who’s a fan and having to agree on the numbering system between ourselves. That was an hour’s discussion. 😀


  10. Desire to Blog + Distraction Watching Dr. Who = Funny Blog Post ABOUT Blogging and Dr. Who

    That’s just smart math, folks! And funny!


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