Delivery Room Drama: My Daughter Fell Out of Me

Good day, friends! Today, I’m back over at BLUNTmoms sharing the story of how my sweet baby girl came into the world. Honestly, it’s no wonder I am not having any more kids.

Here’s a preview to pique your interest:

Even before she was born, my daughter liked to screw with me. She managed to convince my OB that she was a boy, so I spent roughly 20 weeks prepping to have another penis in the house. That all changed when I got an up-close-and-personal, 3D look at my baby.

We had told the technician we were expecting a boy, so the surprise was palpable when she pointed out the hamburger buns on the screen. I thought there had to be a mistake.

Read the rest over at BLUNTmoms. You won’t regret it, I promise.


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8 responses to “Delivery Room Drama: My Daughter Fell Out of Me

  1. You had me at, “My baby fell out of me…”


  2. Sarah (est. 1975)

    You had *me* at hamburger buns.


  3. Too funny – it was like reading about the birth of son #2. We were expecting a girl and that boy was in a HURRY. Caught everyone by surprise in sooo many ways. Ahhh – good times :/


  4. I wish my baby would fall out of me right now 😉


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